Internet Vikings SEO Domains

The type of Internet Vikings SEO domain that one chooses is crucial when starting a new website. For a long time, marketers and strategists devised several techniques to aid them in gaining higher rankings on search engines. The domain name plays a huge role in SEO ranking. Therefore, this article aims to elaborate on how the choice of a domain name influences SEO and related search rankings.

The Importance of Internet Vikings SEO Domains

It’s an irrefutable fact that a domain name helps people recognize what your website, business, or brand entails. With a domain name that is optimized for search engines, clients get to know the kind of information that the site is carrying, the type of products on sale, and other related services that the owner offers. A great domain name stands out in numerous search result listings and is likely to attract readers to click it. A good domain name can increase the status and credibility of a brand and improve traffic and conversions.  On the other hand, poorly chosen domain name can significantly lower the traffic rate and maybe even damage the reputation. That is why it is so crucially important to give it enough thought.

internet vikings seo domains

How Internet Vikings SEO Domains Impact SEO and Search Engine Rankings

Domain names impact the SEO and search rankings in two main ways: branding and keywords.

internet vikings seo domains

Branded Domains

Content creators and online marketers need to ensure that their domain names are based on the brand that they’re promoting. Essentially, one should choose both the domain name and the business name at the same time. Put simply, use your business name as your domain name. The essence of having an SEO-friendly domain name is branding purposes. Your brand will be much easier to search and find if the domain name of your website will match it.

Google likes brands because clients like them as well. A brand with a strong online presence compels users to click the link, read it, and even share or link it to their websites. Therefore, users are more likely to revisit a brand that they remember. The more visits the more your websites gain credibility and trust value. The result is a very positive branding that helps a website to generate impressive Google rankings. However, before one uses a brand name as a domain name, he or she should ensure that:

internet vikings seo domains
  • The brand name is well established and widely recognized
  • The brand name belongs to them and no one else can claim the right for it
  • They have on-going brand promotion and awareness campaigns
  • Their product is unique

Keyword Internet Vikings SEO Domains

Another popular way of choosing a domain is by combining some of the keywords about an enterprise, product, or service that business provides. This way the users don’t even need to search a specific name of the brand. If you have an appropriate keyword domain name users will find it by simply searching general description of a product of service.  However, users must be aware of the fact that Google lays more emphasis on brand domains than on keyword domains.

internet vikings seo domains

So Which is Better: Branding, Keyword or Both?

So what is the best option for a good domain name that can be simple to remembers but also useful in terms of marketing? The following considerations come in handy:

  • Branded Internet Vikings SEO Domains: It is a type of an open-ended domain name that does not restrict the user to specific products and services offered. It can be about anything. is this kind of a domain name. Leaving the domain name as a blank slate gives the leeway to build a brand and define the domain name as well as the website for search engines. However, this option requires extra creativity, as much effort will be put into building an association between a brand name and the services offered.
  • Local Internet Vikings SEO Domains: This kind of domain names explicitly tells the target clients and the search engine where the business is located by including the name of geographical location in itself. However, the business owner will still have to describe the products and services offered. The challenge lies in when one wants to expand the business outside the listed location. In that case branding the business and optimizing the search engine becomes difficult.
  • Service Internet Vikings SEO Domains: The advantage of this type of a domain names is that it markets the product and the service as it highlights the service in the domain name. Potential clients are thus able to tell what your website deals with, and what to expect when they contact you. It doesn’t have geographical restrictions, making it easier to expand your business to other localities without confusing the clients or search engines. The challenge arises should the user decide to include additional options.
  • Local and Service Internet Vikings SEO Domains: The benefit of this domain name type is that it’s more precise, defining both the business and the location. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get such domain names due to their popularity. It thus requires one to narrow down both the business and location description or consider other lesser-known domain expentions such as .online, .biz, etc.

Domain Extensions

The domain extension has no impact on the Google search rankings, except for the top-level country codes such as .us, .uk, and .ca which impact websites ranking based on the geographical location. For instance, if a site has a .us extension, and users are accessing it from a city in the US, then that website is likely to receive a higher placement on Google.

There’s a psychological effect that comes with Internet Vikings SEO domains. Since internet users are more familiar with .com, .org, and .net, these extensions project more credibility and trust than others. Extensions such as .biz or .info are increasingly popular among scammers and hackers, thus making them less trustworthy. Website owners should, therefore, be cautious not to pick extensions that are associated with low-ranking websites. They create skepticism among users who may think twice before clicking your link.

internet vikings seo domains