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Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings is one of the leading hosting and provider of SEO content. It has tailored most of its products to the online gaming industry. It also offers other IP related solutions.

The company was established in 2008 by Victor Jerlin and Rickard Vikstrom. The two had innovative ideas for the Internet marketers. They decided to start a company that will take care of software and hosting needs of companies that are looking for the ways to boost their traffic and rank higher in the search engines. Internet Vikings are currently headquartered in the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. They also have offices in Malta and Ukraine. 

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Services Offered by Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings offers many services depending on the needs of customers. It is rated highly because of the product variety it offers and the level of customer service it gives to users. Some of the services customers get from Internet Vikings include:

Cloud Hosting

Users who want to see high speed on their website will get a good service from Internet Vikings. Over the last 10 years they have dedicated their efforts in providing hosting solutions to both big companies and small startups. Their services include WordPress, Linux, and other products.

Domain Names

One of the expertise that Internet Vikings is proud of is the fact that they have been in the domain industry for several years. For customers who are looking for a safe portfolio to put their domain names, it offers a competitive rate and reliable services. Internet Vikings have handled domain names in more than 60 countries.

SEO Websites

Any website is always looking for ways of staying on top when it comes to search engine results. Internet Vikings has focused on solutions that can help websites increase traffic. The company also can help them to use SEO to build a big customer base.

Protection of Brand

A company is only as good as how well its brand is perceived. If the brand does not rank high, then chances are that it will not be able to attract a lot of customers and users. Internet Vikings help companies to protect the name of the brands it represents through the use of a product that they specifically developed for that task. 

Benefits of Using Internet Vikings

The number of people who use Internet Vikings services has been increasing over the years. Some of the reasons why it is popular are:

  • Many Options to Choose From: People who decide to use the services of Internet Viking have a lot of options. The company has Linux hosting, uses WordPress and also allows access to several data centers. They also have a stable Internet connection with back-up so users do not have to worry about going offline due to low Internet.
  • Good Customer Services: Most customers agree that when it comes to choosing a service provider, they go for one with a good customer care. That is why Internet Viking ranks high because they have mastered the art of providing good customer care. They are available 24/7 to handle some of the issues that their clients might face while using their services. They also have many options on how they can be reached, including email, phone calls, and live chats.
  • Internet Security: Most online companies such as iGaming platforms admit that when it comes to choosing a hosting company they tend to look at security as the main feature. This makes sense because every company wants to feel like they are giving their customers assurance that their data is safe online. Internet Vikings provides security scanning through the use of their extended networks. Partnering with Holms Security provides them with extra protection against attacks. They also have web acceleration services and local clouds that are specifically built to boost traffic for users from the iGaming industry.
  • Many Language Options: Content on the site are available in a variety of languages including English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. This opens up to a wider global audience who are might be left out by other sites.
  • Easy to Navigate Website: The website is simple and easy to navigate. The language used is also simple enough and one does not have to be tech-savvy to understand what does it talk about.

Products Provided by Internet Vikings

Below is an elaborate list of some of the services that customers get when they use Internet Vikings services:

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Talking about hosting solutions, Internet Vikings gives SEO hosting, where the client is guaranteed of diversification of IP infrastructures, which includes C-class IPs. They also have dedicated servers that are customized to meet the needs of their clients. Since the company focuses on iGaming, it strives to build a global presence and provides hosting for online gaming sites all over the world. This is a big advantage for clients who do not want the security of people who are using their website to be compromised. They also have cloud serves and managed hosting.


The domain name that a business uses can determine how many clients it gets. That is why Internet Vikings focus on helping businesses to do domain renewals, domain protection and registration. They make sure that their clients get the best services possible.

internet vikings
internet vikings

SEO Sites

As part of their growing product listing, Internet Vikings provides Brand Protection. This product prevents affiliate sites from occupying top positions in the search results and securing them for the client. The company also helps to increase visibility of brand names by implementing SEO strategy that gives high rankings on search engines.


Internet Vikings is a great option for businesses that are seeking to grow in the online space. The company is reliable and is rated highly when it comes to the value they put in promoting their clients’ growth. The active support system that it has shows that the company is willing to help entrepreneurs to navigate through the challenges that are associated with doing business online. This is a team of experts and engineers who will address any issues that the clients face. They come highly recommended by clients who have used their services.