Internet Vikings Review

Founded by Victor Jerlin and Rickard Vikströmin in 2008, Internet Vikings is a leading software provider with their headquarters in Sweden, and offices in Malta and Ukraine among other places. The company offers SEO hosting services for businesses and organisations whose main aim is to boost their website rankings on search engines and increase their online traffic.

To ensure optimal results, Internet Vikings harvests high ranking expired domains and auctions them for a couple of days before selling them at a fixed price at their marketplace. Here’s an Internet Vikings review, breaking down more about the company, its services, and why it is among the top software providers in the market.

internet vikings review

Services Offered by Internet Vikings

Since its inception, Internet Vikings has continued to offer a wide array of solutions to its customers. Their services come in three main categories, which include Hosting, Domain, and SEO site services. They strive to offer excellent customer satisfaction in every solution they provide. This is clearly reflected in the number of positive reviews the company regularly gets.

Hosting Services

Internet Vikings provide various hosting services that ensure website pages are not only available on the internet but also accessible to the public. Their hosting services are extensive with the Internet Vikings staff constantly monitoring and upgrading the servers to enhance functionality and safety. Some of its hosting services include the following.

The company offers SEO hosting services that make sure websites rank high on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. This is by deploying a unique SEO strategy that involves developing links from multiple IP addresses pointing straight to the website. The website thus ends up getting links from class A, B, and C IPs, making it rank high. With SEO hosting, web owners can easily localize online platforms and have an overview of every site on a single WordPress account.

One of the best services that are sure never to be missed on any Internet Vikings review is managed hosting. This is where Internet Vikings offers proactive and secure support to make sure the client’s data is safe and always available at high speed. The proactive approach prevents downtime and significantly reduces the amount of time spent on data access by visitors. Part of their managed hosting services is to see to it that the client’s data remains intact. There will be no cases of data theft, deletion, or adjustments whatsoever.

internet vikings review

Gaming servers often require dedication to deliver optimum functionality. Internet Vikings iGaming hosting solution provides users with hybrid servers that are fast and reliable for both payment and gaming platforms. Internet Vikings iGaming hosting services allow clients to operate in numerous countries across the planet. This is by monitoring data access at all times and adding security layers to increase reliability. Web owners also have a chance to choose between hybrid servers, dedicated infrastructure, and web accelerator. That, added to their IP diversity, makes Internet Vikings the best hosting company.

Clients have a chance to choose whether they want to use dedicated servers for their hosting needs or cloud servers.

Domain Services

As mentioned earlier, the primary specialty of Internet Vikings is to offer domain names for websites. Every day the company scans over 200,000 domain names that are expiring and uses them to select high-quality domain names, by analyzing the viability of the domain names and the worthiness of the backlinks available. That makes sure that every SEO website ends up ranking high due to the impressive status of the domain name purchased. These names are available either as auctions or in the market place where they all go for the same amount.

internet vikings review

Other domain services that Internet Vikings offer include domain registration. This is where the company helps the client to register their domain name by following the rules and regulations for absolute success. Internet Vikings also offer domain renewals by ensuring every customer has their credit line to avoid renewal problems from arising. Lastly, Internet Vikings offer Whois protection for the domains available in countries where it is not only challenging but also nearly impossible to protect a particular domain.

SEO Site Services

Every website requires SEO to ensure high rankings, ease of accessibility, and remarkable traffic throughout. It will be a mistake to complete this Internet Vikings review without mentioning how the company can help clients achieve such a milestone. Internet Vikings first provides individuals with some of the best domain names. These domain names not only rank high in their niche but also have incredible backlinks. They also have a remarkable profile and reputation that is going to give the client the best start. By doing so, the company ensures every SEO site ends up on the front page of SERPs.

They also include brand protection sites to prevent anyone from using the client’s brand keywords to get traffic. The site can also help in building content and rewrite any content so that the client may recycle it and optimize their SEO website for excellent results. With all these SEO site services, the client can be sure of high rankings, significant traffic, and total protection of the SEO website. This is what makes Internet Vikings the leading company when it comes to hosting services and software providers. Clients also get to secure the reputation of their already established SEO website, and that is going to see them gain popularity on search engines.

internet vikings review
internet vikings review

Throughout this Internet Vikings review, it is clear that the company uses advanced methods to ensure the website ranks high on the search engine results pages. They start by offering some of the best domain names, then they help clients harness its functionalities by providing them with remarkable hosting services. With these technologies, clients can enhance their service delivery and safety of the website. Clients also get to infiltrate the foreign market without worrying about safety. That makes visitors have a great experience while traversing the website.