Internet Vikings Review

Founded by Victor Jerlin and Rickard Vikström in 2008, Internet Vikings is a leading software provider with its headquarters in Sweden, and offices in Malta and Ukraine among other places.

The company offers SEO hosting services, iGaming hosting US, co-location, cloud hosting and VMware hosting, especially in the iGaming US industry. More of the Internet Vikings review here.

Services Offered by Internet Vikings

Since our inception, Internet Vikings has become the worlds leading iGaming hosting provider. Providing hosting solutions Malta, hosting solutions Europe and iGaming hosting solutions USA. We strive to offer excellent customer satisfaction in every solution they provide. This is clearly reflected in the number of positive reviews the company regularly gets.

Internet Vikings Hosting Services

Internet Vikings provide various hosting services that ensure website pages are not only available on the internet but also accessible to the public. Their hosting services are extensive including iGaming hosting, hosting USA, Internet Vikings co-location, and cloud hosting with the Internet Vikings staff constantly monitoring and upgrading the servers to enhance functionality and safety. Some of its hosting services include the following.

Internet Vikings SEO hosting services that make sure websites rank high on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. This is by deploying a unique SEO strategy that involves developing links from multiple IP addresses pointing straight to the website. The website thus ends up getting links from class A, B, and C IPs, making it rank high. With Internet Vikings SEO hosting, web owners can easily localize online platforms and have an overview of every site on a single WordPress account.

One of the best services that is sure never to be missed on any Internet Vikings review is managed hosting. This is where Internet Vikings offers proactive and secure support to make sure the client’s data is safe and always available at high speed. The proactive approach prevents downtime and significantly reduces the amount of time spent on data access by visitors. Part of their managed hosting services is to see to it that the client’s data remains intact. There will be no cases of data theft, deletion, or adjustments whatsoever.

 Internet Vikings Review

Gaming servers often require dedication to deliver optimum functionality. Internet Vikings iGaming hosting solution provides users with hybrid servers that are fast and reliable for both payment and gaming platforms. Internet Vikings iGaming hosting services allow clients to operate in numerous countries across the planet. This is by monitoring data access at all times and adding security layers to increase reliability. Web owners also have a chance to choose between hybrid servers, dedicated infrastructure, and web accelerator. That, added to their IP diversity, makes Internet Vikings the best hosting company.

Clients have a chance to choose whether they want to use Internet Vikings dedicated servers for their hosting needs or Internet Vikings cloud servers.

Internet Vikings Review

Internet Vikings Review

Throughout this Internet Vikings review, it is clear that the company uses advanced methods to ensure the website ranks high on the search engine results pages. We start by providing them with remarkable hosting services. With these technologies, clients can enhance their service delivery and safety of the website. Clients also get to infiltrate the foreign market without worrying about safety. That makes visitors have a great experience while traversing the website.